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High-quality polypropylene sheets, ensuring durability and reliability for diverse industrial applications.

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Wide selection of products catering to signage, construction, packaging, and more.

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Proven experience in serving international markets, including efficient logistics for worldwide shipping.

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Commitment to eco-friendly practices with recyclable products, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

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Experts in Corrugated Plastic Products

Founded in 2002, Coropak began as a humble corrugated plastic production line manufacturer. Over two decades, it has evolved into a renowned provider of comprehensive extrusion plastic solutions.

With six state-of-the-art production lines, Coropak offers an annual output exceeding 8000 tons, distinguishing itself in the global market. They specialize in high-density polypropylene sheets, catering to diverse industries like signage, construction, packaging, and automotive.

Known for rapid lead times, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service, Coropak has established itself as a leader in quality and innovation, dedicated to sustainability and customer satisfaction, while continually expanding its reach and product offerings.



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About us

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Founded in 2002, Coropak began as a corrugated plastic production line manufacturer, embarking on a journey that would redefine industry standards. Over the years, it has grown into a global provider of extrusion plastic solutions, distinguished not just by its expansion but by its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

Today, with six state-of-the-art production lines, Coropak boasts an impressive annual output of over 8000 tons. Yet, what sets Coropak apart is its dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Each product, especially their high-density polypropylene sheets, is a testament to this dedication, embodying versatility, durability, and reliability.

Coropak’s diverse range of products caters to various industries, including signage, construction, packaging, and automotive. This versatility demonstrates their ability to adapt and innovate according to market needs and emerging technologies.

A cornerstone of Coropak’s success is its customer-centric approach. In an era where speed is crucial, Coropak excels in providing rapid lead times and competitive pricing, all without compromising on the quality of customer service. This commitment to customer satisfaction has helped the company foster long-term relationships and a strong reputation across the globe.

As Coropak continues to evolve, it carries forward a legacy of innovation and quality. It’s not just about leading the plastic solutions industry but about being a reliable partner to clients and a responsible steward of the environment. The company’s journey is a testament to how commitment, vision, and understanding of client needs can lead to enduring success and a legacy in the plastics industry.

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Technical Data Sheet
Physical Qualifications 
Qualifications Method Unit Polypropylene *
special PP weight ISO 1183gr/cm³0.907
water absorbtion ISO 62%0.02
Thermal Specialities 
Speciality Method  Unit Polypropylene*
Air indexASTM D696mm/m°C0.18
Special temparatureDSCJ/g°C1.68
Thermic inflexion temp. ISO 75°C78
Thermic inflexion temp.ISO 75°C52
vicat softening temp. ISO 306°C148
vicat softening temp.ISO 306°C78
Mechanic Qualifications  - 1
qualifications Method  Unit Polypropylene*
drawing resistance ISO 527MPa38
split point ISO 527%800
stretch index ISO 178MPa1250
impact resistance ISO 180kJ/m²80
Shore hardnessISO 868-66
Mechanic Qualifications  - 2
qualifications Method  Unit Polypropylene*
comparasion of maximum 2,1mm/350grN/cm²Min. 3,7
tension 2,0mm/400grN/cm²Min. 1,4
3,0mm/650grN/cm²Min. 5,5
4,5mm/1000grN/cm²Min. 14,4
Optical Characteristics 
Specialities MethodUnitcorrugated sheet 
light transmissivity 2,0mm/400gr%58
Electrical Characterictics 
qualifications  MethodUnitcorrugated sheet 
surface resistanceASTMD 257ΩCa. 1013
Electric static ( at 1MHz’)ASTMD 150--2,25
Division rate  (at  tg δ 1 MHz )ASTMD 150--‹ 5×10-4
Electric resistance  ( 500 V/sec)ASTMD 149kV/mm70

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