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The advantages of corflute

What is corflute? Corflute is a brand name owned by a manufacturer specializing in the production of corrugated plastic board, which is mainly used in Australia and New Zealand to refer to the fluted polypropylene sheet and corrugated plastic board. Corflute’s structure is two flat sheets with a ribbed center

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Corrugated Plastic Comic Box

Are you still using cardboard comic box. Forget about it, try corrugated plastic comic box from today. What is corrugated plastic comic box? Corrugated plastic box is made of high impact corrugated plastic sheet. It is waterproof, vermin resistant, and it can last longer than cardboard comic boxes. The box

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What is corona treated coroplast signs?

Why coroplast signs need to treated? Coroplast sheets, which are made in polypropylene, have chemically inert and nonporous surfaces with low surface tensions causing them to be non-receptive to bonding with printing inks. Although results are invisible to the naked eye, surface treating modifies surfaces to improve adhesion. These inks

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What’s new: Two colors extruded corrugated plastic sheets

To meet the needs of China National Tobacco Corporation, we commissioned our engineers to design a new type of corrugated plastic turnover box to replace the original cardboard turnover box as outer packaging. The four walls of the box are required to be divided into two colors, and the two

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What are the uses of the corrugated plastic box?

Made from corrugated polypropylene sheets, corrugated plastic box has the least environmental risk. At the same time, they are smart, light, strong, and will last a very long time before being replaced or recycled. They are the ideal replacement for cardboard boxes, and more economic than single-use cardboard boxes. Corrugated

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What are the types of corrugated plastic boxes?

Corrugated plastic boxes are made of twin-wall polypropylene extruded sheets. They are a cost-effective alternative to cardboard, molded plastic, and other substrates. Corrugated plastic boxes are lightweight, durable, waterproof, reusable. And they can be customized to meet your specific needs for size, color, printing, or more. After long years’ development,

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