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Exploring the Diverse Uses


Industrial Packaging

Enhancing our operations with correx corrugated plastic: A game-changer in protection, storage, and transport across our industry. Its durability and lightness streamline our packaging and logistical processes, significantly improving efficiency.


Advertisement Use

Maximizing your advertising impact with correx corrugated plastic: We leverage its durability, lightness, and weather resistance for signs, displays, and point-of-sale materials, ensuring your messages stand strong in any condition.


Construction &amp Interior Protection

Securing your sites and interiors with correx corrugated plastic: Its durability and water resistance provide the protection as needed during renovations or construction projects, ensuring a safe and efficient work environment.


Vegetables Fruit &amp Seafood

Ensuring freshness and safe transport with correx corrugated plastic packaging: It is moisture-proof, hygienic, and durable qualities to protect your vegetables, fruits, and seafood, maintaining quality from farm to table.

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Layer Pads

Enhancing load stability and layer separation in your packaging with corrugated plastic layer pads: Their strength, reusability, and moisture resistance make them an ideal choice for your operations.


About Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is renowned for its exceptional durability and flexibility, ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Unique Properties

Lightweight yet robust, this material resists water and chemicals, making it a versatile choice for diverse uses.

Sustainability and Reuse

Corrugated plastic stands out for its recyclable nature, aligning with eco-friendly practices and sustainable solutions.



Years Experience

why choose

The key features

Impact and Wear Resistance
Moisture and Water Resistance
Sustainability and Recyclability
Broad Range of Applications and Uses
Thermal Insulation Capabilities
Ease of Handling and Transportation
Chemical and Environmental Resilience
Cost Efficiency and Economic Advantages
Customization and Fabrication Flexibility
DescriptionPP Corrugated Sheet
ItemUnitThickness & Physical Performance Parameter
Width & LengthmmWidth<2500mm Length: as customer's requests
Gram WeightG/Sqm300-450350-700600-800800-12001200-
Tension FractureN≥200≥250≥300≥350≥400≥450≥500≥550≥600≥700≥800
Elongation at Break%≥50≥50≥50≥50≥50≥50≥50≥50≥50≥50≥50
Horizontal CompressionN≥700≥900≥1000≥2500≥3000≥3500≥4000≥4500≥5000≥6000≥7000
Vertical CompressionN≥90≥150≥350≥600≥600≥700≥750≥800≥1000≥1100≥1200
Tearing ForceN≥50≥60≥70≥80≥100≥150≥150≥180≥210≥240≥270
ColorTransparent, white, red, blue, yellow, green, black, pink or custom color
GradeCommon, Corona Treated, Anti-Static, Conductive, UV Stabilized, Fire-retardant,etc.
PackingFilm wrapped or accrding to your demand.
Discover the Benefits

Choose the Right Partner to Elevate Your Business

Quality Assurance

High-quality polypropylene sheets, ensuring durability and reliability for diverse industrial applications.

Versatile Product Range

Wide selection of products catering to signage, construction, packaging, and more.

Global Reach

Proven experience in serving international markets, including efficient logistics for worldwide shipping.

Sustainability Focus

Commitment to eco-friendly practices with recyclable products, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

our process

4 steps to order from COROPAK

Experience Coropak’s rapid service with exceptional quality, competitive pricing, and unmatched flexibility in plastic solutions. Enhance your business efficiency with us!


Sent Inquiry

Contact Coropak with product requirements via email or phone for personalized assistance.


Reply With Quotation

Receive a tailored quote within 8 working hours, detailing pricing and specifications.


Order Confirmation

Confirm order details, quantities, and delivery timelines with Coropak’s sales team.


Shipping & Delivery

Coropak ensures timely delivery, with lead times as short as 10 days.

Our goal:

Provide the best service to customers

who we are

COROPAK-Experts in Correx Corrugated Plastic Products

Founded in 2002, Coropak began as a humble corrugated plastic production line manufacturer. Over two decades, it has evolved into a renowned provider of comprehensive extrusion plastic solutions.

With six state-of-the-art production lines, Coropak offers an annual output exceeding 8000 tons, distinguishing itself in the global market. They specialize in high-density polypropylene sheets, catering to diverse industries like signage, construction, packaging, and automotive.

Known for rapid lead times, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service, Coropak has established itself as a leader in quality and innovation, dedicated to sustainability and customer satisfaction, while continually expanding its reach and product offerings.



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Years of Operation



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Technical Data Sheet
Physical Qualifications 
Qualifications Method Unit Polypropylene *
special PP weight ISO 1183gr/cm³0.907
water absorbtion ISO 62%0.02
Thermal Specialities 
Speciality Method  Unit Polypropylene*
Air indexASTM D696mm/m°C0.18
Special temparatureDSCJ/g°C1.68
Thermic inflexion temp. ISO 75°C78
Thermic inflexion temp.ISO 75°C52
vicat softening temp. ISO 306°C148
vicat softening temp.ISO 306°C78
Mechanic Qualifications  - 1
qualifications Method  Unit Polypropylene*
drawing resistance ISO 527MPa38
split point ISO 527%800
stretch index ISO 178MPa1250
impact resistance ISO 180kJ/m²80
Shore hardnessISO 868-66
Mechanic Qualifications  - 2
qualifications Method  Unit Polypropylene*
comparasion of maximum 2,1mm/350grN/cm²Min. 3,7
tension 2,0mm/400grN/cm²Min. 1,4
3,0mm/650grN/cm²Min. 5,5
4,5mm/1000grN/cm²Min. 14,4
Optical Characteristics 
Specialities MethodUnitcorrugated sheet 
light transmissivity 2,0mm/400gr%58
Electrical Characterictics 
qualifications  MethodUnitcorrugated sheet 
surface resistanceASTMD 257ΩCa. 1013
Electric static ( at 1MHz’)ASTMD 150--2,25
Division rate  (at  tg δ 1 MHz )ASTMD 150--‹ 5×10-4
Electric resistance  ( 500 V/sec)ASTMD 149kV/mm70

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Email: sales@coropak.com

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