Global Market Trends Impacting the Corrugated Plastic Industry

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Hey there, it’s your favorite sales manager from Coropak here! Let’s dive into the exciting world of corrugated plastic and see how global market trends are shaping our industry. Buckle up, folks – it’s going to be an insightful ride!

1. Sustainability Is Not Just a Buzzword

Everywhere you look, sustainability is the name of the game. Companies are moving towards eco-friendly solutions, and guess what? Corrugated plastic fits the bill perfectly. Our polypropylene sheets are 100% recyclable and reusable. This green shift is not only good for the planet but also great for business, as more clients prefer sustainable packaging and construction materials​​.

2. Boom in E-commerce and Logistics

With the explosion of e-commerce, the demand for durable, lightweight, and cost-effective packaging materials has skyrocketed. Corrugated plastic sheets are lightweight and reduce shipping costs significantly. They also offer superior protection compared to traditional materials like cardboard, ensuring products reach their destination intact​​.

3. Technological Advancements in Manufacturing

Innovation never sleeps, especially in our industry. Advancements in extrusion technology have made our production processes more efficient and cost-effective. This means we can offer high-quality products at competitive prices. Plus, customizations are now easier and faster to implement, catering to specific client needs without breaking the bank​​.

4. Urbanization and Infrastructure Development

As cities grow and infrastructure projects increase, so does the need for construction materials that are both durable and easy to handle. Corrugated plastic sheets are making waves in the construction industry for temporary structures, signage, and even permanent fixtures due to their weather resistance and flexibility​​.

5. Health and Safety Regulations

Stricter health and safety regulations worldwide are pushing industries to adopt materials that meet high safety standards. Corrugated plastic’s non-toxic and flame-retardant properties make it an ideal choice for various applications, from healthcare to food packaging. Compliance is no longer an option but a necessity​​.

6. Customization and Branding

In the age of customization, businesses want materials that can be easily branded. Corrugated plastic sheets are incredibly versatile and can be printed on, cut into various shapes, and customized to fit any branding requirement. This trend is particularly hot in the advertising and retail sectors​​​​.

7. Cost Efficiency

The bottom line always matters. Corrugated plastic offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials like wood and metal. It’s durable, lightweight, and requires less maintenance, leading to long-term savings for businesses. This cost efficiency is driving its adoption across multiple industries​​.

Saving money
Saving money

8. Geopolitical Factors and Trade Policies

Global trade policies and geopolitical events significantly impact our industry. Tariffs, trade agreements, and political stability can influence the cost and availability of raw materials. Staying informed and adaptable is key to navigating these challenges and maintaining a steady supply chain​​.


9. Increased Demand in Agriculture

The agricultural sector is also seeing a rise in the use of corrugated plastic for packaging and transporting produce. Its resistance to moisture and chemicals ensures that fruits and vegetables stay fresh from farm to table. Plus, its reusability is a big win for sustainability goals in agriculture​​.

10. Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events

Finally, climate change is no longer a distant threat but a current reality. Materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions are in high demand. Corrugated plastic is resilient against water, heat, and cold, making it a reliable choice for outdoor applications and storage solutions​​.

Demonstration on the city protesting against climate change - Global warming and environment concept
Demonstration on the city protesting against climate change – Global warming and environment concept

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it – the top trends shaping the corrugated plastic industry. Staying ahead of these trends ensures we continue to provide top-notch solutions to our clients. At Coropak, we’re committed to innovation, sustainability, and quality. Let’s embrace these trends and keep pushing the boundaries of what corrugated plastic can do!

If you’ve got any questions or need custom solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help your business thrive in this dynamic market.

Cheers, Pitt Wang

Picture of Pitt


Picture of Pitt


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Technical Data Sheet
Physical Qualifications 
Qualifications Method Unit Polypropylene *
special PP weight ISO 1183gr/cm³0.907
water absorbtion ISO 62%0.02
Thermal Specialities 
Speciality Method  Unit Polypropylene*
Air indexASTM D696mm/m°C0.18
Special temparatureDSCJ/g°C1.68
Thermic inflexion temp. ISO 75°C78
Thermic inflexion temp.ISO 75°C52
vicat softening temp. ISO 306°C148
vicat softening temp.ISO 306°C78
Mechanic Qualifications  - 1
qualifications Method  Unit Polypropylene*
drawing resistance ISO 527MPa38
split point ISO 527%800
stretch index ISO 178MPa1250
impact resistance ISO 180kJ/m²80
Shore hardnessISO 868-66
Mechanic Qualifications  - 2
qualifications Method  Unit Polypropylene*
comparasion of maximum 2,1mm/350grN/cm²Min. 3,7
tension 2,0mm/400grN/cm²Min. 1,4
3,0mm/650grN/cm²Min. 5,5
4,5mm/1000grN/cm²Min. 14,4
Optical Characteristics 
Specialities MethodUnitcorrugated sheet 
light transmissivity 2,0mm/400gr%58
Electrical Characterictics 
qualifications  MethodUnitcorrugated sheet 
surface resistanceASTMD 257ΩCa. 1013
Electric static ( at 1MHz’)ASTMD 150--2,25
Division rate  (at  tg δ 1 MHz )ASTMD 150--‹ 5×10-4
Electric resistance  ( 500 V/sec)ASTMD 149kV/mm70

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