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Electronic & Automotive Production Lines

Corrugated plastic boxes are used for handling and transporting components within factories. 

Durability and resistance to moisture and chemicals make them suitable for sensitive electronic parts and automotive components.


Distribution, Delivery& Courier Services

Their lightweight nature reduces transportation costs, while their strength ensures that goods are protected during transit.

Corrugated plastic boxes are ideal for courier and delivery services due to their reusability and durability.


Large & Small Part Containers

Customized to various sizes, making them perfect for storing and transporting both large and small parts.
This flexibility allows for efficient organization and inventory management.


Vegetables Fruit & Seafood

Corrugated plastic provides moisture-proof, hygienic, and durable packaging for vegetables, fruits, and seafood, ensuring freshness and safe transport.


Packaging & Conveyor Systems

These boxes can be integrated into automated conveyor systems for efficient movement of goods within a distribution center or manufacturing plant.
Their robustness protects contents from damage during automated handling.


Shelving, Storage & Processing Containers

In warehouses and processing plants, these boxes offer an efficient way to store materials and products.
Their stackability helps maximize space usage, while their material ensures longevity and protection against environmental factors.


Retail & Supermarket

Corrugated plastic boxes are used for display, storage, and transportation of goods in retail settings.

They can be easily cleaned, which is essential for food products, and their durability makes them suitable for heavy items.


Features of Corrugated Plastic Box

Impact, Water & Chemical Resistance
These boxes are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation, including impacts, moisture, and various chemicals, ensuring the contents remain safe and intact.
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Durability in Cold and Humid Environments
Their robust construction ensures that these boxes remain effective in a wide range of environmental conditions, including cold storage and humid climates, without degrading.
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Fiber and Dust Free
The lightweight nature of corrugated plastic boxes significantly reduces transportation costs, a critical factor for distribution, delivery, and courier services focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
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Reusable and 100% Recyclable
Their reusability not only enhances their cost-effectiveness but also aligns with sustainable practices by minimizing waste. Being 100% recyclable, these boxes contribute to environmental sustainability efforts.
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Customizable Design and Logo
The ability to customize these boxes with specific designs and logos allows for branding opportunities, making them an extension of the company's marketing strategy.
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Quality Assurance

High-quality polypropylene sheets, ensuring durability and reliability for diverse industrial applications.

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Wide selection of products catering to signage, construction, packaging, and more.

Global Reach

Proven experience in serving international markets, including efficient logistics for worldwide shipping.

Sustainability Focus

Commitment to eco-friendly practices with recyclable products, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

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