Top 10 coroplast manufacturer in USA

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Hi, I’m Pitt, a COROPLAST specialist currently working at COROPAK, and I’d like to introduce you to the 10 largest COROPLAST manufacturers in the United States.

Here are ten companies that were known for their corrugated plastic products, either as manufacturers or suppliers:

corrugated plastic sheet

  1. Coroplast – A well-known brand name for corrugated plastic sheeting, often referred to generically as coroplast. They produce a wide range of corrugated plastic products.
  2. Interstate Plastics – They offer a variety of plastic products, including corrugated plastic sheets, for various applications.
  3. Uline – While primarily a distributor, Uline offers a broad range of shipping, packaging, and industrial supplies, including corrugated plastic sheets.
  4. Primex Plastics – A subsidiary of ICC Industries Inc., Primex is a manufacturer of plastic products, including corrugated plastic.
  5. Plaskolite – Known for manufacturing acrylic and polycarbonate sheets, they also provide corrugated plastic sheet options.
  6. Coropak – Major in plastic extrusion product, including Corrugated plastic, PP honeycomb sheets,  Specializing in supplying the U.S. market more than 12 years.
  7. Laird Plastics – One of North America’s largest distributors of plastic shapes and parts, including corrugated plastic.
  8. Professional Plastics – A leading supplier of plastic sheets, rods, tubing, and films, including corrugated plastic sheets for various industries.
  9. Falken Design Corporation – They manufacture and distribute materials like acrylic, polycarbonate, and PVC as well as corrugated plastic products.
  10. Grimco – This is a wholesale sign supply company that offers corrugated plastic sheets often used for sign making.
  11. A&C Plastics – A&C Plastics is a plastics distributor with a broad portfolio that includes corrugated plastic sheets.

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