Unwrapping the World of Corrugated Plastic: A Coropak Insight

Hello, this is Pitt, the expert of corrugated plastic in COROPAK.

Welcome to the fascinating world of corrugated plastic, or as we like to call it at COROPAK, the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of the industrial material world. I’m here to guide you through the ins and outs of this versatile material that has become a staple in industries far and wide.

Save the world
Save the world


So, what exactly is corrugated plastic? Imagine the sturdiness of corrugated cardboard but with a superhero twist – it’s plastic. Made primarily from polypropylene, these sheets are not only strong and lightweight but also water-resistant and immune to a variety of chemicals.


Here at COROPAK, we take pride in producing high-density polypropylene corrugated sheets that have revolutionized industries from advertising to construction. These sheets are as versatile as they are durable. Need something for outdoor signage? Corrugated plastic. Looking for sturdy packaging material? Corrugated plastic again.

But why stop there? These sheets are so adaptable that they’ve found their way into arts and crafts, medical supplies, and even automotive parts. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.


Now, let’s talk customization. At COROPAK, we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer our corrugated plastic sheets in various sizes, colors, and even with the option to print your logo or design on them. Imagine your brand, boldly displayed on a durable, weather-resistant material that travels the world.

Let’s not forget about the environmental aspect. In today’s world, being eco-friendly is not just a choice, it’s a responsibility. Our corrugated plastic sheets are 100% recyclable, making them a sustainable choice for conscious businesses.

Environmental activists


But how durable are these sheets, you ask? Picture this: a material that can withstand extreme temperatures, resist water and chemicals, and still come out looking as good as new. That’s corrugated plastic for you. Whether it’s under the scorching sun or in the midst of a rainstorm, these sheets stand tall and unyielding.

Speaking of unyielding, let’s delve into the realm of transportation and logistics. Our corrugated plastic boxes are a game-changer in this sector. They are lightweight, which means lower transportation costs, yet strong enough to protect your precious cargo. And yes, they are customizable too!

As for the construction industry, our corrugated plastic has been a boon. It’s used in formwork beams, ground beams, and pile caps, providing a lightweight yet sturdy alternative to traditional materials. The ease of handling and installation makes it a favorite among construction professionals.


In the retail sector, the impact of corrugated plastic is equally impressive. From durable point-of-purchase displays to customizable shelving options, these materials have transformed the way products are showcased and stored.


Let’s not forget the world of advertising. Corrugated plastic signs are the unsung heroes behind many successful campaigns. They’re the perfect canvas for bold graphics and vibrant colors, grabbing attention and withstanding the elements, all while being kind to your budget.


In conclusion, corrugated plastic is not just a product; it’s a solution. A solution that’s adaptable, durable, eco-friendly, and most importantly, aligned with the evolving needs of diverse industries. At COROPAK, we’re not just selling sheets and boxes; we’re offering a partnership in innovation and sustainability.

professional coworker people team stacking hands. Teamwork and cooperation
professional coworker people team stacking hands. Teamwork and cooperation


For more insights and innovations in corrugated plastic, stay tuned to our blog or reach out to us directly. Together, let’s reshape the future of industrial materials!

Check out our latest range of corrugated plastic solutions.

Or mail to sales@coropak.com now.


Picture of Pitt


Picture of Pitt


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Technical Data Sheet
Physical Qualifications 
Qualifications Method Unit Polypropylene *
special PP weight ISO 1183gr/cm³0.907
water absorbtion ISO 62%0.02
Thermal Specialities 
Speciality Method  Unit Polypropylene*
Air indexASTM D696mm/m°C0.18
Special temparatureDSCJ/g°C1.68
Thermic inflexion temp. ISO 75°C78
Thermic inflexion temp.ISO 75°C52
vicat softening temp. ISO 306°C148
vicat softening temp.ISO 306°C78
Mechanic Qualifications  - 1
qualifications Method  Unit Polypropylene*
drawing resistance ISO 527MPa38
split point ISO 527%800
stretch index ISO 178MPa1250
impact resistance ISO 180kJ/m²80
Shore hardnessISO 868-66
Mechanic Qualifications  - 2
qualifications Method  Unit Polypropylene*
comparasion of maximum 2,1mm/350grN/cm²Min. 3,7
tension 2,0mm/400grN/cm²Min. 1,4
3,0mm/650grN/cm²Min. 5,5
4,5mm/1000grN/cm²Min. 14,4
Optical Characteristics 
Specialities MethodUnitcorrugated sheet 
light transmissivity 2,0mm/400gr%58
Electrical Characterictics 
qualifications  MethodUnitcorrugated sheet 
surface resistanceASTMD 257ΩCa. 1013
Electric static ( at 1MHz’)ASTMD 150--2,25
Division rate  (at  tg δ 1 MHz )ASTMD 150--‹ 5×10-4
Electric resistance  ( 500 V/sec)ASTMD 149kV/mm70

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